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Insulation Systems

Building insulation covers a broad spectrum, but at RSL when we refer to insulation we refer mainly to conductive or radiant insulation, which are both essentially reducers of heat loss / gain and can significantly reduce the energy demands of a building.

Radiant barriers are very popular in our climate because of their relatively low cost (as opposed to a bulk conductive insulator) and their strength in reflecting radiant heat, however it has been extensively proven that a combination of both a radiant barrier and a thermal or bulk insulator is regarded as “best practice” because where one excels, the other is weak.

Both systems have their strengths and weaknesses, for instance, Radiant Barriers work best with an air space isolating the hot air and ventilation in this space, but this is not always readily achievable or practical with conventional construction methods, and special techniques have to be adopted to achieve this.

Radiant Barriers also do not insulate against sound transmission and this can be a major negative depending on your needs
Bulk insulation on the other hand is relatively expensive, bulky, and also has special requirements- they work best in an actively cooled environment (a fully air- conditioned building) as opposed to radiant barriers which work best in a passively cooled environment (non or partially air-conditioned building).

In a nutshell we can provide free consultation on your insulation needs and work out the best method of insulating your building taking all of your needs into account.

Insulation Systems

Polyiso Board

Insulation Systems