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Waterproofing Systems

Most concrete roofs are constructed using reinforced concrete, which is known to have capillary tracts. Depending on the designed strength, density and installation techniques, the number of pores can vary. These pores are interconnected within the concrete and water will penetrate through such capillary tracts aided by osmotic effect. Concrete is known to be inherently weak in tension; cracks and voids can also form due to thermal expansion, contraction and shrinkage. As a result, water will seep through these voids. Therefore, waterproofing is required to keep the roof slab watertight since they are exposed to weather.

Roof Systems uses many different waterproofing systems depending on the needs of the client and building or based on specifications supplied and these can be categorised as follows:

• Torch applied modified bitumen membranes
• Adhesive or “Peel and Stick” membranes
• EPDM membranes
• TPO membranes
• PVC Membranes
• Fluid applied membranes

All of the above have their strengths/weaknesses, positive/negative attributes but because we carry such a wide range of waterproofing products, we can offer you a system tailor made to your performance needs and budget

Self-Adhering Mod Bit

Torch Applied Membranes

Torch Applied Membranes