Waterproofing in building structures is required at various locations and Rellco Services Ltd offers the following types of Waterproofing for your project:

Volclay Voltex Below Grade Waterproofing – which is needed for areas that are are directly in contact with the earth’s surface; as these areas are very much prone to seepage /ingress of water from the surroundings of the building structure.

Liquid Applied Waterproofing – Liquid-applied waterproofing membranes are designed to give you the best possible moisture protection. These liquid-applied products provide a monolithic, seamless fluid membrane and are well-known for their ease of application. These membranes cure to form an elastic waterproof seal that can be applied using a roller or brush. It’s durable membranes feature strong adhesive properties and will bond with most surfaces. Use photo of Ross University in Dominica

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